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El-Rawan Developments has been in the field of Real Estate development since 2005 in Hurghada , Red Sea. Developing over 24 residential and commercial projects.


Having individually been at the forefront of devising innovative approaches to the design, construction, financing and management of property projects for 14 years, we have proven capability in adding significant value through planning, legals, design, building construction and infrastructure delivery.
We deliver value through a combination of rigorous analysis, hands on management and innovative design.
Our ‘hands on’ approach runs from concept to completion, with the operation and management of developments and investments working in partnership with owners and occupiers.
We strive to have a positive and lasting impact on Hurghada’s built environment, building places for people to live and work.

Hurghada Sea Side


Doctors Tower

Blue Star

Doing the right thing, at the right time


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Aka Square, Hurghada, Egypt
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